Revealing Nature Installation: Land Reclamation Taken into Context

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the “City Dress-up Public Art Competition” was held to create public artworks that could enhance the quality of life across the territory. Dr. Sujata Govada, Egils Markus and Sujata’s team at UDP International were awarded to commission their art installation: “Revealing Nature” at the Central Harbourfront.


In context with the site location and the history of land reclamation of the harbour, “Revealing Nature” portrays the paved surface being “peeled away” from the ground revealing the harbour below. The concept behind the installation is to increase public awareness of the impact of urban development, the reclamation on the environment and the loss of natural habitat. Although land reclamation has been long used to expand Hong Kong’s limited usable land supply, it has raised various environmental concerns and public outcry. Hence, the installation encourages the people of Hong Kong and its visitors to think about sustainable development and preservation of the natural environment.

JEB Custom Projects, (JCP) were appointed to help realize the design and transform the concept into reality. JCP was able to quickly provide a solution to UPD International that didn’t compromise and was able to meet the exact design intent of the art piece. The wave was pre-fabricated off-site in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). In addition to replicating the exact shape required, its light-weight properties and self-supporting nature ensured it was a good fit for the project. A concrete foundation was created to secure the upper portion of the artwork to the ground. Finished off with digitally printed glazing which sits in the tray, it completes the art piece beautifully.

To ensure full structural support of the entire project and for safety purposes, the materials, the fixtures, and the concrete foundation were certified by a Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) as required by DevB. JCP was responsible for full design, fabrication, and installation of the art piece.


The complexity of the artwork design and the sophisticated cantilever structure brings out a message to the industry that the sky is the limit in the field of architecture, urban design, and planning.

The project began in 2017 and was completed in October 2018. The installation will be on display at the Central Harbourfront until late 2019.

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