Dynamic Wave Illuminates Morpheus Hotel

A sensational entry statement by JEB Custom Projects

Morpheus Hotel in Macau recently opened its doors in June 2018. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the one of a kind sculptural design is inspired by the forms of traditional Chinese jade carving techniques. Wrapped in an aluminum exoskeleton, the tower unveils a futuristic and distinctive outlook.


JEB Custom Projects were appointed by Melco Resorts & Entertainment to design, fabricate and install the prominent interior feature in the lobbies of both north and south towers on the 40th floor, which houses the premium suites and rooftop pool. This needed to be an eye-catching feature as it is the first attraction that will be encountered by the special clienteles as they make their way to their suites.


The 3.7-meter high custom feature consists of stainless steel rods with integrated LEDs that illustrates the required striking statement at the entrances of the suites level. The team used stainless steel rods with a black mirror PVD finish to create a sense of depth to the installation.


To create the wave configuration, a rod thickening was applied and was laser cut to open up the required portion to achieve the sensuous aesthetics of the design. The use of matte black paint within the recess of the thickening of the rods help generate more of a contrast, making the wave pattern come to life.

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