New Attraction, New Approach – Innovation For An Amusement Park Facade Installation

JEB Group’s “Custom Projects Division” specialises in bespoke fabrications and high-performance façade installations. Over the past 5 years completing numerous interesting and challenging retail and public space projects . The latest project required a new approach to a new custom façade at a well-known theme park in Asia Pacific.


The project requires detailed design, fabrication and installation of a 3-level curved aluminum façade including large blade louvers, glazing and logo. It was a requirement from the client that Revit be used for the entire drawing package, including the BD submission.

This was a first for JEB Custom Projects and has only occurred on a handful of occasions in HK.

“This was a very challenging design process for our design and structures team. There is always pressure to deliver within tight timeframes however the real challenge here was the level of detail that Revit will forces you into” said Nicholas Hinton, JEB Custom Projects Director.

“As opposed to delivering normal 2D drawing packages, the detail required for Revit to work seamlessly with other components of the building works package requires a huge amount of coordination upfront. Typically the coordination between building components will happen throughout the course of the project life cycle. This process forced us to think deeply about every detail and junction.”

“I really think Revit is the way forward, this process was very arduous however the project is now setup for a seamless execution, all shop and fabrication drawings can be pulled from the model and everything should be mm perfect!”

The project is due to be completed in mid-2018

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