JEB Custom Projects is a specialist in bespoke industrial design solutions. Our clients are global brands who understand that unique design solutions are a powerful tool for attracting business and creating a strong statement of identity. From retail facades to architectural features, great design evokes emotion and connects people to the brand’s values and purpose.

Our design, bespoke fabrication and specialist installation services have transformed interior & exterior spaces across Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Australia. With a track record of delivering iconic, beautifully designed and functional solutions, we are dedicated to realizing your design vision at the highest standard.

Why Us?

Collaborative at every stage

Our highly experienced team of architects, industrial designers, structural engeneers and PM’s seek to understand & explore all the issues to create exterior retail installations and architectural features tailored to the vision and story you want to convey. We ask lots of questions and undertake a rigorous process of design experimentation, modeling and prototyping to resolve and refine details prior to manufacture.

Holistic Approach

As Design & Build fabrication specialists, we meticulously manage the project from conception to completion. We propose ideas and offer advice to optimise fabrication and installation processes and ensure the final solution meets budget, brief and time requirements. With our knowledge of design engineering, material rationalisation and project management, we are the ideal turn-key solution to guarantee a smooth, successful delivery.

Regional Team with Global Reach

We have a track record of delivering complex, unique design solutions utilising the best materials, fixtures & finishes available globally. We thrive in collaborating with industry experts in lighting systems, digital media and electronics to generate a fully resolved and integrated solution of uncompromising excellence.

Clients We’ve Worked With